Bounce Rate Increase if There is no Picture in the Post

It is a frequent issue that a lot of people, especially people who are brand unfamiliar or new to marketing online might be asking. SEO is the acronym for SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. In simple terms, it is means getting traffic from websites such for instance Google listings. In this post I’ll inform you regarding the SEO industry, the present state of the market for SEO and the future forecasts for this field.

As with any other sector around the globe and across the globe, SEO is no different. SEO business is a thriving one with many participants. That includes SEO local tool providers including smaller digital firms, SEO free lancers and web-designers, among others.

The primary reason why people are in business is to make money and increase their financial standing. In the area of SEO business ROI rates are high. This is due to a recent study of SEO returns over a period of twelve months shows that, at a minimum, all participants had something to take home. However, the return is dependent on the individual their hard work and expertise on the job. As an example, in this study 34% of SEOs who were interviewed claimed to have were paid below $30,000 while another group of participants reported that 17% had received returns of more than $500,000.

From the above data It is clear that the scale of an organisation had a bearing on the calculation of the amount of return received. It is not logical to assume that a large business to get low returns, and the reverse is true.

Additionally, the existence of part-time SEOs and the entry of newcomers to the market could have led to low rates of turnover, due to a low operational capacity. It is difficult to know what direction the SEO market will be able to take because of the lack of evident shifts in SEO earnings since 2011. However, the need of local SEO services appears to be increasing day in and day out and that has attracted more players, thereby increasing competition between SEO service companies.

According to the data the majority of SEOs earn a minimal income, which suggests that SEO services are not priced competitively. It’s also possible that smaller and medium-sized businesses don’t know the importance of SEO services offered to them.

The lowest SEO income earners that earned less than $30,000 in annual returns, are also being questioned as to whether they could provide good services for that price. It’s also unclear how long SEOs will remain in operation even in the event that their earnings remain stagnant.

Similar to the annual returns for SEO the SEO revenue per client is also different. It is because there are customers who will spend less than $100 per month, while some spend more than $5000 a month. The variation in the income of each client is due to the type of service that are provided and also the quality of services.

The size of the business that the customer is seeking SEO services for will also affects the cost to be billed. For instance, small-sized firms are charged less because their needs are less than large multi-location franchises.

It is also evident that certain SEO service providers operate on a large-scale basis. They provide basic SEO services for very little monthly costs. This is why these SEO service providers are found to be with a high churn rate of customers with a huge dedicated sales staff.

In the same way, certain SEO service providers also offer the services more extensive and professional way, and are customized to the needs of the customer, leading to a smaller number of customers.

Based on the above data it becomes imperative that any SEO service provider on the market to work in a way that is compatible with the structure of their business.

At present, SEOs handle more clients than the past. Research shows that 40% of SEOs on the market manage minimum 11 clients, while 23% of SEOs deal with at minimum 21 clients. This large amount of clients handled can result in more audits to be conducted as well as a multitude of tasks to complete such as research, reports, and more calls from clients that need to be handled. The huge number of clients also require the highest level of efficiency so that clients are sure of top-quality service


SEOs have used a variety of methods of marketing to market their companies. Online marketing channels like word of mouth have been frequently cited by SEOs for being the best and most efficient method of marketing. This could be due to the level of trust of business’s reputation and the relationships that are built in offline marketing.

In addition to the offline approach to marketing SEOs additionally practice marketing online, such as through using LinkedIn and other social media. But, many SEOs have pointed to LinkedIn as their preferred alternative to social media because it’s more suitable to help lead generation and networking.

A majority of SEO players provide optimization on the internet which is 91% SEOs using this. Google+ optimization has also many SEOs that are practicing it. 86% of them claim that they offer the service to their customers. For affiliate marketing, just tiny percentage (11 percent) of SEOs offer the service to their customers


The most sought-after service for SEO customers is onsite marketing, whereas the service that is least sought-after is affiliate marketing. Other services are generally sought-after. However, the majority of small and medium-sized businesses don’t grasp the potential that mobile and video marketing could provide and thus do not make use of these tools. SEOs must therefore inform their customers about these channels of marketing so that they are able to use them to them.

In a survey of the internet-based SEO services SEOs believe are efficient 82% agreed that the general Search is most effective in creating leads. Local search is the second-best option following 62% of people who took part of an SEO survey were in favor of it. PPC comes in third place with 53% and social media ranks 4th place with 26 percent. Daily deals are popular with SEOs since only 1% of them voted in the direction of this.

55% of all SEOs on the market consider links building the least difficult and time-consuming job. Some, however, only think that writing content is the most difficult and time-consuming of all tasks they perform. This means that for the 55% of people who consider link building boring and boring, this job is boring for them.

Comparatively to prior time, SEO businesses has been growing and growing steadily. The majority of SEOs (about 93 percent) aren’t just optimistic about their businesses growing and are also aiming to increase their revenue. In what appears to be a calculated move to expand their business the majority of SEOs (82 percent) are eager to take on additional staff members in order to attain their desired levels of growth.

The social media are also predicted to expand and become more effective than local directories. It is because many experts believe social networks will succeed more due to the recommendations of friends. The use of mobile devices is anticipated to continue to increase and will become more relevant to local businesses.

Contrary to other companies like other businesses, unlike other industries, the SEO business is showing rising confidence among its participants. Although it is a vibrant and exciting industry, the majority of SEOs are not yet willing to add more employees to push their businesses forward. 84% of SEOs included in the SEO study are also confident that they will see that the SEO business will increase its profitability in the year and over the time

There is also a feeling that if SEO players improve the knowledge of SEO/social among business owners they support in the future they will not just raise the business owners’ level for investment but also help them shift money for marketing from various channels into digital channels.